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Ginger production is mostly concentrated in the subtropical and tropical regions around the world. Garlic is very easy to grow and very profitable we have developed a 5 year plan aimed at the firsttime grower. South african ginger is harvested from may until november. The australian ginger industry association agia represents the australian ginger industry. It can be used in the raw state or can be juiced, made into an essence or the oil is extracted for use in beverages, pickles, candy and preserves. South africa blue sky publications pty ltd ta thesouthafrican number. Propagation of ginger is from planting out the rhizomes kept from. It is the rhizome of the plant from the family zingiberaceae. Munters solutions in pico grow, south africa youtube. Some farmers keep the tubers in the soil for the end of the season until before the start of summer rains when prices rise. Span house plot 1, portal avenue 1st floor, room 304 p. It is actively working to support famers to address challenges faced by them to move up in value chain to be able to realize the higher returns. As were growing, so does the market for ginger freshplaza. The farm produces specialty baby vegetables and salads for supermarkets and restaurants.

This plan allows you to start small with only 600 square metres of ground and grow your business as much as you choose. Ginger growers association, experts in manufacturing and exporting fresh gingers, pulses and 1 more products. Ginger growers and market association ggma is an association of stake holders of the ginger value chain of producers, processors, traders and exporters. India was the top producing country accounting for 33% of the worlds total ginger production with 0.

If you are growing ginger root in the garden you can start stealing little bits of it once it is about four months old. This site is best viewed with internet explorer 9 or newer 0r mozilla firefox 29. Ginger is best grown in warm, humid climates where temperatures average between 28c and 34c. I broke off a few pieces with growing tips on it and planted in wellcomposted potting soil. Ginger is used in cooking and is used in most asian style dishes. The leading ginger producing countries in the world. It likes high rainfall during the growing period so adequate irrigation must be given in the absence of rain. They have sprouted and so i eagerly await my harvest next year. Few areas in south africa suit ginger, but the sabie valley outside hazyview, next door to the kruger national park, is an automatic choice to. African ginger is propagated by seed, rhizomes and tissue culture. Wild ginger is originated in southern tropical africa south of malawi to the eastern part.

Vegetables offer a unique market for the south african producer since. A prickly pear cactus pear grower north of pretoria, whose cultivation has grown from a sideline to a strong business, has big plans for the fruit. China followed in second place with 19% which accounted for 0. South africas booming macadamia industry has presented an interesting opportunity for growers of the crop to cultivate ginger.

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