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Then moving forward a basic chassis frame of circular pipes of 1 inch diameter and 1. We are of a strong belief that knowledge attracts knowledge. The purpose of this paper is to design and develop a formula student frame, according to the sae regulation. Design and optimization of a formula sae racecar chassis and suspension. Each subteam should in some way tie into the cars overall design goal. To design and build 2 sets of dampers 8 in total for a fsae racecar, that will perform better than any available offtheshelf piece, and run them at the fsae competition in may 2006. Senior design team 06112 rit formula sae dynamometer test facility preliminary design report fernando fiore team manager bs mechanical engineering, auto option. Redesign of an fsae race cars steering and suspension. Each year the society of automotive engineers hosts the formula sae colligate design competition for engineering students from around the world. The purpose of this report is to summarize analysis done during the 2016 design cycle to determine an optimal chassis torsional stiffness design target for future mracing formula sae vehicles. Formula racing at uc davis is a student design team challenged to design, build, and race a formula style electric vehicle for the 202014 fsae competition. This thesis examines the critical factors in designing and implementing a formula sae chassis from the ground up, with a focus on the performance and. Formula sae is a student design competition organized by sae international formerly society of automotive engineers.

Fsae chassis design and manufacturing published on feb 3, 2016 the goal of this project was to coordinate with other teams powertrain, suspension and ergonomics to design and build a fully. The chassis design has a triangular truss structure supporting this mount for the sole purpose of supporting this load. Spreadsheet containing all the information available for 2016 fsae competitors. Team fsae powertrain has made tremendous strides in the final phase of the senior design process. Students are tasked with designing and fabricating a vehicle that can be sold to a manufacturing rm for mass production and targets the. Suspension the first step to designing the suspension is picking out the ideal set up. Pdf design and optimization of fsae chassis using fea.

The objective of this project is to design the chassis for queens 2006 formula sae car. Fsg design event scoring some insight into the process the design and developmental process of a fsaefs ev car is a complex process. The concept behind formula sae is that a fictional manufacturing company has contracted a design team to develop a small formulastyle race car. The cars design also took into account the 2018 fsae rules to ensure the car would be able to enter the competition easily and. Design and optimization of a formula sae racecar chassis. Optimumg vehicle dynamics solutions 2 team management. The overriding objectives in the design of the chassis.

Every formula student organization in the world uses these rules as a basic. Pdf formula sae chassis design to improve suspension tuning. We were able to obtain a free copy of lotus suspension analysis software from lotus engineering. Chassis torsional rigidity analysis for a formula sae racecar. Fsae chassis design and manufacturing by marcel okoli issuu. Analysis of fsae chassis surve aditya 1, naik vishal2, naikar aditya 3, mohd. Design and optimization of an fsae frame, suspension, and business portfolio submitted to the faculty of. Fsae tutor knowledge hub for formula student enthusiasts. The university of maine has prepared a formula style car featuring a chromoly space frame. Figure 1 front isometric view of frame figure 2 rear isometric view of frame.

View formula student fsae research papers on academia. The most convenient chassis types, materials and production methods are gathered from literature and represented. The competition is judged based on the engineering, performance, and cost of a formula style car designed to. Formula student electric assembly animation youtube.

Ashish avinash vadhe design and optimization of formula sae suspension system 611 international journal of current engineering and technology, vol. Make the steering axis go through the center of the tire contact patch. Final report on design method, manufacture and testing of the 2017 fsae chassis. These loads are formed by undulating road surface or cornering forces 2. In this undergraduate research project report, fundamental approach to formula student race car chassis design is discussed. The judges always ask us about the goals of the car.

Design of a tubular steel space framefor a formula student. It is desired that torsional stiffness should be high for a race car design because it allows the international journal of engineering research & technology ijert. Design and analysis of a fsae racecar a major qualifying project report. Senior design team 06112 rit formula sae dynamometer.

This report outlines the final design of the chassis to be utilised by the vu team. Report of student formula project shigenori hashida tohoku university formula team abstract. University of maine formula sae 20112012 engine design report abstract formula sae is an international design competition held annually by the society of automotive engineers. Outlines for the business components of the competition were created including a cost report. Steering system and suspension design for a formula saea racer.

The victoria university vu fsae team is to enter the 2017 australian competition with a new racing vehicle. Iterate with chassis design to guarantee that all pickup points have enough support from chassis minimize compliance i c. Design and optimization of an fsae frame, suspension, and. This project aims to provide a chassis for the 2011 rev electric fsae race car vehicle, the design must comply with the rule outlined by the 2011 fsae rulebooksae, 2011. Design of a tubular steel space framefor a formula student race car a. Calculating the forces on every link is important to design the suspension.

As this phase, and the semester, comes to an end, our team has complete manufacturing of the majority of components and hammered out a very clear path forward for future work in all project aspects. Pdf on oct 25, 2016, lucas iensen bortoluzzi and others published formula sae chassis design to improve suspension tuning find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. The content of the paper contains a series of results obtained from frame loads at. Formula sae society of automotive engineers is a series of international competitions in which university teams compete to design and manufacture the best performing racecars. Vu 2017 fsae chassis final design report portfolium. Part of each chassis design cycle is the determining of a chassis stiffness target for that vehicle.

Engine located in chassis, set in the rearmost possible position. The chassis design benchmark is set by the 2016 chassis. The first competition was started back in 1979 after mark marshek, then at the university of houston texas contacted sae educational relations department in 1978. Exhaust optimization for viking motorsports formula sae. Design and optimization of formula sae suspension system. Redesign of an fsae race cars steering and suspension system. Last years carbonaluminum honeycomb monocoque will be used as a baseline for this years design, focusing on making adjustments to driver comfort, subsystem integration, performance, and driver safety with respect to crashworthiness. The chassis has been designed by taking human ergonomics as a priority. Completion of the project has seen the design of geometry for the suspension arms.

The fsae competition is sponsored by the society of automotive engineers sae. Design and analysis of gokart chasis according to fsae. Design process from concept to success, step by step tasks to design a competitive formula student car. The main objectives are to reduce the overall weight of the car and at the same time increase the stiffness and strength of the vehicle components.

Design, analysis and testing of a formula sae car chassis. Analysis of different designs for the fsae chassis based on all the design aspects including all rules and safety aspects of the car will be carried out. Torsional stiffness is the resistance of the chassis to torsional loads 1. Design, analysis and testing of a formula sae car chassis 20020300 this paper is taken from work completed by the first author as a member of the 1999 cornell university formula sae team and discusses several of the concepts and methods of frame design, with an emphasis on their applicability to fsae cars. Decide what rims and tires youll use, then design a suspension based on those. The design requirements for the new electric powertrain were the ability to deliver the peak power of 80kw allowed by rules and meet the mass goal of 23kg. Design, analysis and manufacture of 2011 rev formula sae. Design, analysis and manufacture of 2011 rev formula sae vehicle chassis jacob i. Introduction this paper examines several aspects of vehicular frame design, with an emphasis on application to an openwheeled, spaceframe racecar chassis, as is used in formula sae fsae. Fsae tutor is a knowledge hub for formula student enthusiasts. To design a chassis that is easy to manufacture, we took the following approaches. Formula sae ergonomics jig ryan buffington 7 p a g e abstract this jig was built for the formula sae team and designed to allow for testing of the ergonomic placement of cockpit controls which have a strong influence on the frame design. Our team decided to go chassis first and now were either stuck with a 1.

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